Has anyone in South Dakota ever won the Powerball?

1. Three South Dakotans have won the Powerball jackpot (so far). Since Powerball started in South Dakota in April 1992, only three residents have won the jackpot, according to South Dakota Lottery public relations director Kelly Thompson. The most recent winner was Neal Wanless from Mission in 2009.

Has anyone from South Dakota won the lottery?

Neal Wanless won the $232.1 million Powerball prize in South Dakota in 2009. Mr. Wanless, 34, said he is selling because he and his new wife, Jody Gilson Wanless, are spending more time at her family’s cattle ranch in Canada’s British Columbia. … “I like the South Dakota winters, but I don’t like the wind,” he said.

What are the odds of winning the South Dakota lottery?

Overall odds of winning any prize are 1:7.8

* Subject to Lucky for Life game rules, the top prize will be paid weekly ($7,000/wk for life) or in a lump sum payment if the cash option is chosen. If there are more than 14 top prize winners, all winners are required to take the cash option.

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Does South Dakota have scratch offs?

In South Dakota, there are several forms of lottery games including scratch tickets, Powerball, Mega Millions, Dakota Cash, Wild Card 2, Lotto and Video Lottery.

Where was the winning Dakota Cash ticket sold?

PIERRE – A South Dakota Lottery player will have even more to be thankful for after Saturday’s Dakota Cash drawing. Saturday’s drawings featured a $252,392 Dakota Cash jackpot winner. The winning ticket was purchased at The Corner Gas & Goodies, located at 20402 478th Ave. in White.

Can you win Powerball without powerplay?

The only exception is the Match 5 prize of $1 million, which becomes $2 million for Power Play ticket holders, no matter which number is drawn. You add Power Play when you buy a Powerball ticket by checking the box on your playslip and paying an additional $1 per line.

Does Lucky for Life draw daily?

Odds & Prizes – Lucky for Life | A LIFETIME OF WINNING EVERY DAY. Lucky for Life drawings take place EVERY NIGHT. Five winning numbers between 1 and 48 are drawn with white balls, then one winning number between 1 and 18 is drawn with the gold “Lucky Ball.” You have won if you have made any of the matches shown here.

How much do you get for Lucky for Life?

You don’t just win once with Lucky for Life, you win FOR LIFE. The top prize of $365,000 A YEAR FOR LIFE is paid weekly and the second prize is $25,000 a YEAR FOR LIFE paid yearly. These prizes stick around for a minimum of 20 years or even longer – as long as you’re around!

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How do you play EAZI hit?


  1. Open an online National Lottery account or log in if you already have one.
  2. Select Eaziwin.
  3. Choose the game you want to play.
  4. Select your entry price.
  5. Hit ‘Play Now’.
  6. ‘Scratch off’ the game panels on the digital Eaziwin card by clicking them or by tapping them if you’re using a touchscreen device.

What time can you cash in scratch tickets in South Dakota?


Lotto prizes must be claimed within 180 days after the date of the drawing in which the prize was won.

What time is the Dakota Cash drawing?

Draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday night around 9:50 p.m. Central Time.

Can you remain anonymous if you win the lottery in South Dakota?

You can remain anonymous on any amount won from a scratch ticket game. Jackpots for online games are required to be public knowledge.

What is Dakota cash worth?

How to Win

Dakota Cash
5 of 5 Jackpot* 1:324,632
4 of 5 $100 1:2,164
3 of 5 $3 1:75
2 of 5 $1 1:8

Who won Dakota Cash?

Dakota Cash winner Damian Mullaney. “You can’t win unless you play,” Mullaney said in a news release announcing his win. “I will continue to play because this is not our big one.