How do you get on Wheel of Fortune Home Sweet Home?

Enter. Log in or sign up for the Wheel Watchers Club here, then enter the Bonus Round Puzzle Solution on this page after each show airs. If you enter all five nights, we’ll double your entries.

What is Home Sweet Home on Wheel of Fortune?

In an expansion of their long-time relationship, America’s Game® is partnering with Minto Communities and Margaritaville to add a home envelope to the bonus wheel giving all contestants appearing during “Home Sweet Home” week the opportunity to win a new home valued at $375,000 in Latitude Margaritaville, a 55-and- …

Where is Wheel of Fortune Home Sweet Home?

One (1) home located in a Latitude Margaritaville Community in either Daytona Beach, FL, Hilton Head, SC or Watersound, FL. The home will consist of the Breeze floor plan and include two (2) bedrooms, den, two and a half (2.5) bathroom.

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How do you become a celebrity on Wheel of Fortune?

How to Enter

  1. Tune In. Watch Wheel on Sunday night at 8/7C on ABC and write down the solutions to both of the Celebrity Wheel of Fortune $10,000 Giveaway puzzles, which appear in round two of each game.
  2. Join or Log In. Join the Wheel Watchers Club. …
  3. Enter.

Who Won The Wheel of Fortune Home Sweet Home giveaway?

On Tuesday, April 27, Laura Trammell of Mission Viejo, California, became the first person to ever win a brand-new home on Wheel of Fortune.

What happens if you win a house on Wheel of Fortune?

from Queens, NY won the home last year. The winner can choose a house in one of the three Latitude Margaritaville communities or choose a $150,000 cash prize instead of the home. If the winner is under 55, they can take the cash prize or receive a home in Westlake, FL.

Can you win a house on Wheel of Fortune?

One Wheel of Fortune contestant shocked viewers with an especially lucky win on yesterday’s episode. Laura Trammell, a sixth grade teacher from California, made history on the game show with a massive win: she became the first person to ever win a house in the Wheel of Fortune bonus round, Yahoo Entertainment reports.

Where is Margaritaville on Wheel of Fortune?

The home is located at Latitude Margaritaville in Watersound, Florida, an active adult community projected to open in early 2020.

Who won the House on Wheel of Fortune 2021?

Laura Trammell, who is a sixth-grade teacher from Mission Viejo, won the historic prize on Tuesday’s episode.

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How do you get on Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa?

HOW DO I ENTER THE SECRET SANTA HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY? Join the Wheel Watchers Club or log in to your account by November 21st. Then, watch Wheel December 6th-17th and look for your SPIN ID to appear on TV.

How do you win $10000 on Wheel of Fortune?

How It Works

  1. Look for a contestant to land on the $10,000 Mystery Wedge.
  2. If they solve the puzzle, we’ll reveal the SPIN ID of one lucky home viewer!
  3. If your SPIN ID is revealed on air, you have 24 hours to verify by logging on to Once verified, someone from the show will call you to confirm.

How much does Vanna White make?

Salary Highlights

Vanna White’s salary is $10 million per year. For comparison, Pat Sajak’s salary is $15 million. That’s 48 days per year of work to earn $10 and $15 million per year, respectively.

How old is Sajak?

There are prizes for everybody! All contestants are given a parting gift of $1,000 at the end of each episode. So even if you don’t score big on the wheel, you’ll go home with something in your wallet. Don’t expect your winnings right away.

Has anyone won the Wheel of Fortune million?

There have only been three “Million Dollar Wedge” winners on the syndicated “Wheel of Fortune” since its introduction in 2008.

Who was the biggest winner on The Price Is Right?

In October 2019, contestant Mike Stouber broke the TPIR record for biggest earnings, winning $262,000 playing Million Dollar Plinko and the showcase. During a primetime show, when the winning possibilities are higher, Adam Rose (pictured above) won $1,153,908 on February 22, 2008. Photo Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS.

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