How do you make your own dice?

How do you make resin dice without a pressure cooker?

Pour a little resin into the resin mold and circle the mold in the air to cover the sides of the mold in resin. Fill the mold halfway. Using a toothpick, position the embed in the mold. The object must be small enough to fit into the silicone dice mold and still leave space to be covered in resin on all sides.

What resin do you use to make dice?

Casting resin is the best to use for creating a dice as it has a low viscosity, which means the liquid will have a fine and thin consistency. The low viscosity will make it simple for you to pour the mixture into the molds, which feature small openings.

How do you get bubbles out of dice?

A small amount of baby powder can work to reduce bubbles in resin. If you are using colored resin, you can even choose a powder that matches the color of the resin you are using. Use a delicate paintbrush to dust in the powder, then tap out any extra before pouring.

How do you make a dice out of paper templates?


  1. 1Print out the template. Print out either of these cube templates on A4 or Letter size cardstock. …
  2. 2Cut out. Cut out the cube templates.
  3. 3Fold along the inside lines. Fold each cube template along the inside lines.
  4. 4Draw dots. …
  5. 5Put glue on one tab. …
  6. 6Glue the tab. …
  7. 7Assemble the cube. …
  8. 8Make a pair of dice.
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