How do you win the mega jackpot on subway surfers?

How do you get the mega jackpot on subway surfers?

Start opening mystery boxes – tap as fast as you can and the jackpot mystery box should appear somewhere between spending 5000 and 10000 coins. If you need help getting to 10000 coins… Open subway surfers and go to shop. At the bottom of the screen there is an “earn coins” button.

What are the chances of winning the jackpot in subway surfers?

It’s random. They’re called ‘mystery boxes’ for a reason. The RNG that governs them makes sure you have less than a 1% chance of getting a jackpot, if not even less.

How do you always win on subway surfers?

Subway Surfers High Score Tips

  1. Focus on completing Mission Sets to ramp the Multiplier up to x30.
  2. Once you reach x30 Multiplier, head to the shop and buy Score Boosters.
  3. Use the Score Boosters at the start of the run, this will give you +5 to your current Multiplier.
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Is there an end to subway surfers?

Every single day, about 27,000,000 people play Subway Surfers. This translates into roughly 130,000,000 people playing each month! The tracks featured in the game are the longest train tracks in the world. That’s because they are virtually infinite and never end.

How do you win the jackpot in Subway Surfers 2020?

Winning jackpots in Subway Surfers comes from earning Mystery Boxes, or Super Mystery Boxes, from playing the game; or alternatively, from purchasing them in the shop with coins.

What are subway surfer codes?

It allows you to redeem various promotional offers by going into settings, scrolling down to the “Promo Codes” option, and then entering a code provided by Kiloo & SYBO Games.


Limited codes
Code Reward Status
9yearsrunning 9,000, 9, & 1 Expired
hellochangan 5,000 & 5 Expired
RunnerUp888 8,000 & 8 Expired

What is stay low in subway surfers?

Stay Low is a hoverboard upgrade. When equipped, it makes the character constantly stay down when running with a hoverboard, avoiding obstacles that need to be rolled underneath.

Who has the highest score in subway surfers?

At the moment, the highest score in Subway Surfers is 2,000,001,660 and The player holding the record is Karim Mayur. Coming in second is Ruhanul Islam, with a record high score of 1,706,059,214 points, and in the third position is Alexandre Pereira, with a whopping 1,000,000,946 points.

What is the highest score multiplier on subway surfers?

Although the multiplier’s max is 30x, add more it can still be increased with the Score Booster, the Super Mysterizer, the 2X Multiplier and the Special Thursdays event. With them, you can get your multiplier all the way to 100x! However, this effect is only temporarily.

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How do you get 30x on subway surfers?

Every time you beat a set of missions, you will level up, and your multiplier will permanently increase by one, up to x30. This means that your score will be 30 times what it would normally be if you have a full multiplier.

How do you get 1 million points on subway surfers?

To get High Scores in Subway Surfers like over 1,000,000 Score or even above 5 Million!, all you have to do is run, dash, jump, roll, dodge as fast as you can – and don’t let the Inspector catch you! Avoid obstacles, use single use items and pick up upgrades along the way to help you survive runs.

How many levels are on subway surfers?

Pausing your game can also lead you to it. Each mission set has 3 missions. When all 3 missions have been completed, your multiplier will be increased by 1.


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