Is indeed better than dice?

If you prefer to reach a targeted technology audience, then Dice may the best hiring option for you. Although you may be swayed to use Indeed because of its larger audience, be sure to carefully consider each platform’s features to help you determine which platform is best for your needs.

Is dice a good job board?

Dice. This is one of the largest and best-known technology job boards, with a wide selection of jobs available across all fields. Dice Open Web allows employers to browse candidates’ social media profiles, making it easier for them to zero in on the right person.

Why is indeed so bad?

The problem with Indeed

It’s clear that Indeed favors quantity over quality. And that’s the main problem with the site. It overwhelms job seekers with thousands of jobs vaguely relevant to their skill set and interests and encourages them to apply for as many as possible.

What are the disadvantages of indeed?

Cons of Indeed

Indeed is sort of a no-frills job site. The navigation and layout isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as other sites, and it offers very little in terms of additional resources. It’s just a search engine for job listings, which makes it somewhat redundant if you’re already using other sites.

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How popular is dice com?

Founded in 1990, is one of the premier websites for tech-oriented jobs in the world. The website averages about 80,000 job listings and over 2 million unique visitors a month.

What is the best IT job board?

Best IT and Tech Job Boards:

Rank Job Board Pricing
1. AngelList Free and paid options.
2. Authentic Jobs From $149.00 /post.
3. HackerEarth From $119.00 /post.
4. Dice From $395.00 /post.

Which is the best job site in India?

Top 10 Job Portals in India And What Makes Them Good

  • Naukri.
  • Monster India.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Shine.
  • TimesJobs.
  • Indeed.
  • Glassdoor.
  • Freshersworld.

Can I trust indeed?

The platform is totally legit, they were founded 15 years ago (in 2004) so they have become very much an established brand in job seeking sites. But in the end, as an “employment-related search engine” they’re just the middle man, so if a job is legit or not will depend on the employer.

Is indeed safe Quora?

It is up to the individual to impress the prospective employers with their skills and experience education. , Search Engine Evaluator, Blogger. Originally Answered: Is Indeed a safe website to apply for a job? It is safe but be careful of scammers.

Is indeed worth the money?

Indeed is also a good choice if you need to post a large volume of jobs without committing to a monthly plan. If you want to attract more quality job seekers, you may invest in their sponsored job to get better visibility and higher chances of hiring the right talent.

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Does EA own DICE?

EA Digital Illusions CE AB (trade name: DICE) is a Swedish video game developer based in Stockholm. The company was founded in 1992 and has been a subsidiary of Electronic Arts since 2006. Its releases include the Battlefield, Mirror’s Edge and Star Wars Battlefront series.

How much does DICE com cost?

Dice’s pricing starts at $395.00 per single job post, but the more jobs posted, the less it costs per post.

How much does it cost to post a job on DICE?

How Much It Costs to Post a Job on Dice. Dice caters to technical and engineering professionals and reaches 1.5 million users per month. For a 30-day single job posting, you’ll pay $395. Beyond that, two job posts costs $325 each, three job posts costs $305 each, and five to ten job posts costs $250 each.