Question: Do casinos have coin machines?

As such, most casinos have moved to convert their coin slot machines and video poker to TITO operation because it is easier for the house, and less expensive. This trend has been accelerated by pandemic, as several casinos removed their remaining coin-operated games during the shutdown.

Do casinos have coin counting machines?

There are a few casinos Downtown that still take coins. You can take them to any casino cage and they will sort them and give your paper bills. Some casino cages will not take dimes or pennies in their sorting machine. They will hand count those.

Which casino still uses coins?

LAS VEGAS (KABC) — There is no sweeter sound than hitting a jackpot on a coin slot machine. El Cortez Hotel and Casino is one of the last places in Las Vegas to still have original classic coin slot machines. In fact, it still has over 200 of them.

Can I exchange coins at a casino?

Thanks to the COVID crisis, there’s a nationwide coin shortage, and casinos are again offering free coin exchanges.

Do any slot machines still use coins?

Coin slots have become as rare as diving boards in Las Vegas. In fact, there’s only one casino in the Las Vegas Strip that still takes coins. Just the one.

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Where can I cash change in for free?


  • Local bank or credit union. Your local bank or credit union branch may let you exchange coins for cash via coin-counting machines, letting you to roll your own coins, or take coins in another way. …
  • QuikTrip. …
  • Safeway. …
  • Walmart. …
  • Target. …
  • Lowe’s. …
  • Home Depot. …
  • CVS.

Do Vegas casinos accept cash?

Re: Cash still accepted everywhere in Vegas? Cash is still king. Buses etc around the world now are moving to card systems.

Do Las Vegas casinos have coin pushers?

Thirty years ago there was Flip It, a machine made locally by Games of Nevada, but they have all been withdrawn now for decades. You can still occasionally pick one up at a coin-op auction. Here’s a video of one in action.

When did Las Vegas stop using silver dollars?

We Buy Dollar Coins from 1836 – 1935

It was the last dollar coin to be struck with silver before the use of silver was stopped between 1873 -78.

Does El Cortez have coin machines?

From our exciting penny and nickel machines to our video poker, video keno, video reels, and multi-game machines, El Cortez is one of the only places in Las Vegas where patrons can enjoy both ticket and coin-operated machines.

Where is the loose slot machine at the casino?

To find a loose slot machine at a casino, start by trying machines that are in high-traffic areas, since these tend to have better payouts. Next, check the payout percentage of the machine you’re playing on, either in the help menu or online, because a higher percentage means a higher likelihood you’ll win.

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Why doesn’t Vegas do dimes?

Dimes are definitely ‘coin non grata’ in Las Vegas. … The slot machines wouldn’t accept them and you couldn’t get them as change in the casino.

Does Vegas still have nickel slots?

2. Re: Where are all of the nickel slots in Las Vegas? Most of the nickle machines have been replaced by penny machines. The casinos didn’t really mind, because the penny machines have a much lower payback percentage.