Quick Answer: How do I cancel my pa lottery account?

To close your online account, contact Player Support at support@PAiLottery.com. My Account > Responsible Gaming.

How do I cash out my pa iLottery?

To request a withdrawal, log in to your Lottery account. Select My Account > Cashier.

For your convenience we can process withdrawals via:

  1. ACH/eCheck.
  2. PayPal ($10,000 withdraw limit)
  3. Play+ (Any value below or up to the maximum account balance may be transferred to your Play+ account)

How do I activate my PA Lottery account?

Log in by entering your registered email address and password. Select My Account > Cashier. Choose the Play+ Deposit as your designated payment method. Click “Add Funds” and follow the on screen instructions.

How does PA iLottery work?

iLottery is a new family of online lottery games and interactive games from the Pennsylvania Lottery. Players can play anywhere in Pennsylvania using computers, tablets or mobile devices. … When a player wins prizes playing iLottery, the money is directly deposited into the player’s iLottery account.

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Does Pa iLottery notify you if you win?


Winners of iLottery Bonus Money will have the iLottery Bonus Money credited to their account and will receive an email notifying them that they won a prize. The Pennsylvania Lottery will make every attempt to contact each winner via email within three (3) business days of the winners being announced.

How do I delete my pa Ilottery account?

To close your online account, contact Player Support at support@PAiLottery.com.

How much tax do you pay on a $1000 lottery ticket in PA?

Your winnings are subject to the Commonwealth’s 3.07 percent state personal income tax and federal taxes, 24 percent. The Pennsylvania Lottery automatically withholds taxes for winnings more than $5,000.

Is it safe to play PA Lottery online?

The PA Lottery Official App is safe & secure.

Is there a PA Lottery app?

A: It’s FREE to download and use the PA Lottery Official App. For Android devices, download the app from our website. Note: the app is not currently available from Google Play; you may download the app directly and securely from palottery.com.

How do I transfer money from my play plus account?

How do I transfer funds from my Play+ Account to my wager account?

  1. Login to your account at Casino.com and visit the Cashier Page.
  2. Select the Deposit button for the Play+ funding option.
  3. Enter the dollar amount to transfer (Any value below or up to the balance on the Play+ account may be transferred to the wager account)

Is the PA Lottery rigged?

On September 19th, 1980, Governor Thornburg announced that a Grand Jury had found that the Pennsylvania Lottery was rigged and formerly indicted Nick Perry and his coconspirators. … Ten days later, the Jury found both Edward Plevel and Nick Perry guilty of rigging the Pennsylvania State Lottery.

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Has anyone won the PA Lottery online?

Middletown, PA – The Pennsylvania Lottery has awarded its largest online prize ever. Mega Millions® awarded an online player $1 million, a prize that was hit on Tuesday, June 9. PA iLottery games are played online on a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

How long does it take to get your money from the PA Lottery?

Most prize checks will arrive in four to six weeks after your claim has been received at Lottery headquarters and validated, but often less time. Some claims submitted in December cannot be processed until January so that prize payments and tax forms will be issued in the same calendar year.

How do I contact PA Lottery?

Contact the Pennsylvania Lottery

1-833-530-PLAY (7529) or email support@PAiLottery.com. For Second-Chance Drawings help and app issues like Ticket Checker, scan-to-enter or downloading the app, call 1-800-201-0108.

Do PA scratch off tickets expire?

Scratch-off prizes expire one year from the game’s end-sale date posted at palottery.com. Winners should immediately sign the back of their ticket and call the Lottery at 1-800-692-7481.