What are the villagers like once The Lottery begins?

The boys in the town gather round, smooth stones; Once the lottery begins, the villagers’ moods change from lighthearted to serious and tense; The villagers are afraid or reluctant to approach the black box.

How does the lottery affect the villagers?

The villagers’ blind acceptance of the lottery has allowed ritual murder to become part of their town fabric. As they have demonstrated, they feel powerless to change—or even try to change—anything, although there is no one forcing them to keep things the same.

What is the villagers attitude toward the lottery?

Although they all know they will either be killed or kill someone else among them in the end, the villagers view the lottery as a mundane ritual to deal with every year and they know the rules by heart.

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How do they list the villagers before the lottery begins?

Summers did, however, convince the villagers to replace the traditional wood chips with slips of paper. … Graves made the papers the night before and then locked up the box at Mr. Summers’s coal company. Before the lottery can begin, they make a list of all the families and households in the village.

How does Shirley Jackson feel about The Lottery?

Short Summary: The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

He does not like the thought of not doing the lottery. HE likes the lottery because he thinks it helps them.

Why do the villagers hold The Lottery?

In The Lottery, the village has a lottery because it is part of their traditions. The lottery is held each June 27th to select one person to be stoned to death by the other villagers. … ” Because of this, the people continue to hold the lottery, which originally started as a sacrifice to ensure a good harvest.

What is Shirley Jackson’s attitude toward the lottery and the stoning?

In the short story, Jackson depicts the citizens of the town as being insensitive, ignorant, and violent as they passively accept the tradition of stoning a random innocent citizen each year. Jackson condemns blindly following traditions and ridicules how the villagers revere the lottery.

How do most of the villagers appear to regard the lottery?

How do most of the villagers appear to regard the lottery? They look forward to it.

What is the mood of the lottery?

In ‘The Lottery,’ the mood begins as light and cheerful, but shifts to tense and ominous.

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Who conducts the lottery in the lottery?

Summers – The man who conducts the lottery. Mr. Summers prepares the slips of paper that go into the black box and calls the names of the people who draw the papers. The childless owner of a coal company, he is one of the village leaders.

Who is the first person called to draw for the lottery?

and Mrs. Adams. Mr. Adams is the first person to draw in the lottery, which makes sense alphabetically –…

What does the village look like on the morning of the lottery?

1. What does the village look like on the morning of the lottery? It is in the sun with neat houses, green lawns, and flowers everywhere.

What was the irony in the lottery?

The plot as a whole in “The Lottery” is filled with ironic twists. The whole idea of a lottery is to win something, and the reader is led to believe that the winner will receive some prize, when in actuality they will be stoned to death by the rest of the villagers.

What does Mr Summers symbolize in the lottery?

Summers symbolize life, changing of seasons, fertility, a new life, but Mr. Summers is exactly the opposite; instead of a new life, he takes one away.

What does the author think about the lottery?

The writer’s attitude towards the lottery is when a person pulls the paper out of the black box and if there is black dot on it that person must be stoned. I can see that the writer is against this horrible tradition.

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