What is bet persistence?

There are two types of bet persistence: • Lapse – the unmatched bet will be cancelled if the market is suspended (when it goes live or when it’s suspended for any reason, like goals); • Keep – the bet will not be cancelled if the market is suspended, also known as keep in play.

What is in-play bet persistence?

On markets that will go in-running, you can now decide to make use of our Bet Persistence facility and ‘Keep’ the bet, even once the market turns in-play. … Note that during a football match for example, your bet will continue to ‘persist’ even after the market is suspended for a goal, penalty or a red card.

What does keep mean Betfair?

This is done by selecting the ‘At In-Play: Keep’ option in the bet manager and means that the unmatched bet persists when other unmatched bets are cancelled at the start of the event.

What does SP mean on Betfair?

SP is an abbreviation for ‘Starting Price’ and until now has been more widely associated with traditional bookmaking. … Many people argue that the SP should account for bets placed on the selection off-course (in betting shops and online) as well. Betfair’s Starting Price is different.

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How do I cancel a bet on Betfair?

No. Once Betfair has confirmed your bet placement, you will not be able to change the terms of that bet or cancel or withdraw from that bet under any circumstances. Acceptance of your bet by Betfair concludes the bet.

What is Betfair Starting Price?

The SP is an average of prices taken from across the betting industry. Meanwhile, ‘BSP’ stands for ‘Betfair Start Price’ and this simply refers to the price in which a horse, team or outcome is priced up at on the Betfair Exchange at the exact time that the event starts.

How do I verify my Betfair account?

Through “Message us” on Contact us section here. Secure uploader: Once logged into your Betfair account, select “My account” -> “My details”-> “Verification” and upload a photo or a scan of your documents.

Can you multi bet on Betfair?

Betfair offers multiples betting, also known as accumulator betting. You can combine a number of selections from different markets into one bet. … To place multiple bets on Betfair you must navigate to the multiples betting section by clicking on the ‘Multiples’ tab on the left-hand side of the page.

What is best tote or SP?

Place component of each way bets is paid at Mid Tote only. This bet type will be available on selected meetings. Best Tote + SP is the highest odds paid of the three main Australian totes OR the final fixed price offered by us.

What is the minimum stake on Betfair?

This may be because you simply wish to place a small bet or you may have bet less than you intended and wish to make it up with an additional bet. Unfortunately, the minimum bet on Betfair is currently set to £2 which leads many users to believe it’s not possible.

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How is BSP calculated Betfair?

How is the BSP calculated? The Near Price is based on money currently on the site at SP as well as unmatched money on the same selection in the exchange. … If however there were £6000 worth of backers stakes on the selection and £1000 worth of layers liability, we would return an SP of 1/6 (1.17).