When the last time 911 came out in the lottery?

On Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2002 — 9/11/02 — the New York State lottery numbers were 911, an eerie coincidence that set many people to thinking or, perhaps more accurately, to not thinking.

When was the last time 5555 came out in the Michigan lottery?

It was also more than three years since the last quad number had been drawn: 5555 on Jan. 27, 2005, in an evening drawing.

What was the Virginia Pick 3 day number?

Latest Numbers

Date Result
Tuesday, Dec 21, 2021 6 6 5 9 FB
Monday, Dec 20, 2021 3 3 8 1 FB
Sunday, Dec 19, 2021 8 4 5 3 FB
Saturday, Dec 18, 2021 6 1 7 9 FB

What year did the Ohio Lottery start?

In 1973, the Ohio Lottery Commission was created by a vote of the people of Ohio in an overwhelming margin. The following year, our first ticket, the “Buckeye 300,” went on sale that August.

When was the last time 777 came out in the lottery?

According to Florida Lottery statistics, the combination of 777 has come up – no kidding – seven times. The last time was Dec. 3, 2006.

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What 3 digit lottery number comes out the most?

See which numbers show up the most with Play 3 Numbers Most Drawn, a simple but deceptively powerful tool that focuses purely on the frequency of each digit.

Numbers Most Drawn for Play 3.

Number Frequency Drawn
4 532 33.04%
9 516 32.05%
502 31.18%
2 489 30.37%

When was the last time 1911 came out in the Michigan lottery?

Over 5,000 Michigan Lottery Daily 4 players hit it big last night when the numbers 1911 were drawn! Players won over $10.3 million in straight, boxed, wheeled and two way wagers! Tuesday’s 1911 was last drawn on August 12, 2010, and has only been drawn two other times previously: August 9, 1996, and April 12, 2004.

When did the lottery start in Michigan?

The Michigan Lottery began when the Green Ticket game started on November 13, 1972. Hermus Millsaps of Taylor, Michigan won the first $1 million prize on February 22, 1973.

What was the Michigan 3 digit midday?

Latest Numbers

Date Result
Tuesday, Dec 21, 2021 8 3 6
Monday, Dec 20, 2021 1 8 0
Sunday, Dec 19, 2021 1 5 4
Saturday, Dec 18, 2021 6 9 1

How much money does the Ohio Lottery make?

The Lottery has provided nearly $26 Billion in cumulative profits to the State of Ohio since inception in 1974. Last year, the Lottery distributed over $2.15 Billion in prizes to holders of winning tickets, the majority whom reside in Ohio.

Who owns the Ohio Lottery?

The Ohio Lottery is run by the Ohio Lottery Commission. The Ohio Lottery Commission is made up of a Director and nine members appointed by the Governor of Ohio.

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When did Ohio start Lucky for Life?

Lucky for Life shall be conducted in accordance with Ohio Lottery Commission game rule 3770:1-9-954 Lucky for Life and the “Official Game Rules” approved by the New England Lotteries on August 21, 2014. The rule became effective in Ohio on November 16, 2015.