Your question: What to ask a girl if you win a bet?

What are some fun bet ideas?

Here are some potential punishments you can add to your list of bets to make with friends:

  • Loser has to eat something.
  • Loser has to drink something.
  • Loser has to cook a meal for everyone.
  • Loser has to clean the house.
  • Loser has to do the dishes.
  • Loser has to mow the lawn.
  • Loser has to naked mile.

What is a good bet?

to be something that would be useful, clever, or enjoyable to do: Putting your savings in a high-interest account is a good bet. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Useful or advantageous.

What is it called when you don’t pay a bet?

Deadbeat specifically means someone who doesn’t pay back money borrowed, or debts owed, ever. A deadbeat borrows, and betrays trust of family and friends. A moocher or a sponge or a freeloader or a scrounger have similar meanings to each other, but different than deadbeat.

What is mates bet?

Bet With Mates is a product feature that allows Sportsbet customers to create a Group, pool their funds and bet on behalf of the Group. Bet With Mates is only available to customers with a valid Sportsbet account.

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How do you conduct a bet?

Pick a hard line and stick to it.

Select a reasonable amount of money you’re willing to invest in a season, a game, a year, or a sport, and stick to that amount. Never bet more than you’re willing and able to lose, and only bet to keep the game interesting and fun.

How do I pick a winning bet?

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  1. The favourite doesn’t always win. …
  2. Don’t just stick to one bookmaker – shop around. …
  3. The fewer selections, the better. …
  4. Avoid the temptation of odds-on prices. …
  5. Consider the less obvious markets. …
  6. Make sure you understand the markets. …
  7. Don’t bet with your heart. …
  8. Pick your moment.

How do I not lose a bet?

How to bet on sports without losing?

  1. 1.Follow a betting strategy based on mathematics.
  2. 2.Follow a good staking strategy.
  3. Become experienced in one sport.
  4. Stop following tipsters without a long history.
  5. Stop betting after a big loss.
  6. Forget placing parlay bets.
  7. Use a database of statistics.

What does tt mean in gambling?

Top Tote Plus (TT+)

Choosing Top Tote Plus Odds means you will always get the best return out of all three TABs or the Starting Price (whichever is higher) on all Australian Metro Races. Example: You select TT+ Odds for your Bet and you Win. TAB. ODDS.

What does Su mean in football?

Straight up or SU simply refers to whether a team has won the game, regardless of the point spread. If the New York Giants beat the Carolina Panthers 20-18, the Giants have won the game straight up or SU.

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How do I top up bet with mates?

In order to deposit into your Bet With Mates group, the Admin will need to initiate a Top-Up. Once the Top-Up has been initiated, you can then go into the group home and transfer funds from your personal account.

How do you bet with mates?

Simply gather your mates (2 or more people!), pool your funds and start betting. Any group member can bet any time, on any event. You’re not locked in – anyone can leave with their share at any time. An Admin from your group sets the Buy-In amount, and chooses how much and how often to request an account Top Up.

How do I add someone to my bet with mates?

Anyone who receives the Join Code can invite another member simply by quoting the code to them. To join the group, the recipient will need to enter this code when they sign in to Sportsbet Bet With Mates.