Joe McKeehen Wins WSOP Final Table – Takes Home $7.7 Million

The poker juggernaut continued for Joe McKeehen with this final table win over Joshua Beckley. Many people felt McKeehen wouldn’t last. It’s only the second time in WSOP history that the chip leader going into the final table has come out a winner. Jonathan Duhamel did it in 2008 but that’s all. Based on history, it was an unexpected win. But not for McKeehen. He compared the final table to a freeroll because of his chip stack but he cruised to the top with a nonchalant attitude.

McKeehen sent home six of the final table members in showdowns including Neil Blumenfield , 61, who took home $3.4 million for his efforts. He’s former software executive who sold his company to Intuit in 2013. He says the similiarities in poker and business are that the top 10% make any real money. In many ways this is true. These players have probably made more than 90% off all players during the entire poker playing career.

After knocking Blumenfield out his next victim was Joshua Beckley. Beckley held a pocket pair of 4s and as the flop came, a ten was all it took for McKeehen to claim with WSOP title. Beckley takes home $4.5 million for his work which is excellent.

The Final Results of the WSOP are:

1. Joseph McKeehen

2. Joshua Beckley

3. Neil Blumenfield

4. Max Steinberg

5. Ofer Zvi Stern

6. Thomas Cannuli

7. Pierre Neuville

8. Federico Butteroni

9. Patrick Chan


WSOP Update Day One Eliminations – Joe McKeehen Prevails

People were looking for a David vs Goliath setting for the WSOP, they didn’t get that last night. Joe McKeehen continues his poker juggernaut increasing his lead over the table.
Patrick Chan was first out after two hands. McKeehen’s Ace and Four held up over Chan’s King and Queen for the win. Chan makes $1,001,000 for his efforts. Not to bad. Next to go was Federico Butteroni.
Federico didn’t reraise often. He waited patiently for nice hands but didn’t find any. He had some chip gains with an all-in with a Queen and nine. It bumped up his stack but not enough when coming up against McKeehen. McKeehen scored with an Ace King high hand over Ace high held by Butteroni. The Italian took home $1,097,000. and finally Pierre Neuville.
His chances were dashed with a straight against a flush from Tom Cannuli. Neuville with in with two Queens and raised. While Cannuli called with King and nine of hearts. The flop was Ace hearts , Jack diamonds and Ten of hearts. The turn was a 4 of hearts and Cannuli had it shut down. But later on against Mckeehen, Neuville lost with McKeehen getting a flush against an Ace high card . He goes back to Belgium with $1,203,000.
For the losers , they are really winners. They beat field of over 6000 players to go home with at least a million dollars. For day two, McKeehen has almost half of tables’ chips . This puts him in a formidable position. The action starts at 8pm est on ESPN.

Federico Butteroni Italian WSOP Finalist Bio and the Final Table

Federico Butteroni is one of the November Nine WSOP finalist. He hails from Italy and speaks in a very thick Italian accent. At 25, he’s pretty much a vet in the poker world having recorded cashes from 2010. He thinks European players are more aggressive than Americans and more unpredictable as well. For the Final Table at the WSOP, he’s not sure of his strategy yet. He just wants to rest before the tournament. He’s the lowest stack of all players going into the Final Table with 6,200,000 chips. How will he do stay tuned for the November Nine Final Table.
Here’s a list of his recorded cashes:

05-Jul-2015 United States WSOP $ 10,000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event (Event #68) 46th World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2015, Las Vegas won $ 1,001,020
29-Jun-2015 United States WSOP $ 1,500 No Limit Hold’em (Event #59) 46th World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2015, Las Vegas won $ 3,622
24-Jun-2015 United States $ 235 No Limit Hold’em 3PM Rio Daily Deepstacks 2015, Las Vegas won $ 31,756
12-Jun-2015 United States WSOP $ 1,500 No Limit Hold’em Monster Stack (Event #28) 46th World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2015, Las Vegas won $ 45,633
28-May-2015 Czech Republic € 199 No Limit Hold’em – IMOP Main Event IMOP – Italian Masters Of Poker, Rozvadov won $ 1,668
10-Jun-2014 Australia No Limit Hold’Em – Event #9 Sapphire Series Poker Challenge, Perth won $ 6,301
09-Jun-2014 Australia A$ 100 No Limit Hold’em – Monday Night Weekly Tournament – The Poker Scene Monday 2014 Crown Casino Perth Recurring Tournaments, Perth won $ 187
04-Jun-2014 Australia No Limit Hold’Em – Event #6 Sapphire Series Poker Challenge, Perth won $ 3,887
01-May-2014 Australia A$ 330 No Limit Hold’em Last Sunday of the Month 2014 Crown Casino Perth Recurring Tournaments, Perth won $ 3,246
09-Dec-2010 Italy IPT € 2,000 + 200 No Limit Hold’em – Main Event IPT – 2 – Sanremo III, Sanremo won $ 6,706

Here’s a video clip where he talks about being and Italian poker player and getting ready for the WSOP.