How to Win at Texas Holdem Poker Free Course

Mit has done it again with a free open course ware class on how to win at texas holdem poker. The syllabus is lots of fun. Prerequisite is permission of instructor!
It’s a pass/fail course and to pass you need to attend 6 out of 8 lectures, complete 2 homework assignments and get 10 points in the online Pokerstars MIT 15:50 league.
There are slides, video lectures and study materials you can download online.
Check the How to Win at Texas Holdem Poker Course click here

MIT Offers Free Poker Course – Poker Theory and Analytics

MIT is offering a free open course in poker called Poker Theory and Analytics. The history with gaming is pretty impressive at MIT. Not only was the MIT Blackjack Team created there but also the Masscash Team that scored an impressive amount of cash playing the state’s lottery game.
The course is taught by Kevin Desmond , who became a trader for Morgan Stanley after being a professional poker player. He believes aspects of poker provide insight into better decision making like reading actions of others, comfortable self assessment, and making decision without complete information.
The class is four weeks and around 4 hours each week. It focuses on basic strategy, analysis techniques , pre-flop analysis , tournament play , game theory , economics and decision making.
Mr Desmond feels this is a good way to learn poker without gambling directly. Most of the time, you have to play real cash to learn these concepts. He feels that taking the class will help create a winning strategy that will not only work for poker but other applications as well.
The best part of this course is that it’s free. There are lots of places to pay to learn poker. Here you can learn risk – reward in a no money on the table environment. For more on the class check out MIT Poker Theory and Analytics.