Joe McKeehen Wins WSOP Final Table – Takes Home $7.7 Million

The poker juggernaut continued for Joe McKeehen with this final table win over Joshua Beckley. Many people felt McKeehen wouldn’t last. It’s only the second time in WSOP history that the chip leader going into the final table has come out a winner. Jonathan Duhamel did it in 2008 but that’s all. Based on history, it was an unexpected win. But not for McKeehen. He compared the final table to a freeroll because of his chip stack but he cruised to the top with a nonchalant attitude.

McKeehen sent home six of the final table members in showdowns including Neil Blumenfield , 61, who took home $3.4 million for his efforts. He’s former software executive who sold his company to Intuit in 2013. He says the similiarities in poker and business are that the top 10% make any real money. In many ways this is true. These players have probably made more than 90% off all players during the entire poker playing career.

After knocking Blumenfield out his next victim was Joshua Beckley. Beckley held a pocket pair of 4s and as the flop came, a ten was all it took for McKeehen to claim with WSOP title. Beckley takes home $4.5 million for his work which is excellent.

The Final Results of the WSOP are:

1. Joseph McKeehen

2. Joshua Beckley

3. Neil Blumenfield

4. Max Steinberg

5. Ofer Zvi Stern

6. Thomas Cannuli

7. Pierre Neuville

8. Federico Butteroni

9. Patrick Chan


Neil Blumenfield – 2015 November Nine WSOP Final Table Finalist

What is a CEO doing at the WSOP? Ask Neil Blumenfield, president and COO of Elastic Intelligence. This company is at the forefront of accessing and sharing data that is in a cloud. Not clouds in the sky , computer clouds where information and data is kept. Their application is a breakthrough in the industry and was bought buy Intuit. The prez is Neil Blumenfield who also is a finalist in the WSOP 2015. It’s amazing that someone with his background is also a poker champ. He’s had modest cashes of around $150,000, but the million dollar payday and potentially more is his greatest. He’s also one of the oldest players at age 61 but not the oldest.
His cash history is scattered across the years. In 2008, he won over $15,000 in the Nevada State Poker Championship. In 2014, he place 286th in the WSOP Main Event. He’s also scored well in the Heartland Poker. He also placed in the WSOP Seniors Event.
His top live cashes history are below:
Jul 16, 2012 $10,000 WSOP Main Event 2012 43rd Annual World Series of Poker won $38,453
Jan 27, 2014 $1,650 No-Limit Hold’em 2014 HPT – California – Thunder Valley won $37,749
Aug 18, 2015 $5,250 No-Limit Hold’em $5 Million GTD 2015 SHR Poker Open won $25,000
Oct 05, 2008 No-Limit Hold’em State Championship – Event 28 2008 1st Annual State of Nevada Championship Poker Tournament won $15,930
Jun 17, 2015 $600 No-Limit Hold’em Seniors $50K GTD 2015 Wynn Summer Classic won $4,641
Here’s a video clip of an interview.