Sylvain Loosli – Online Poker Millionaire – Finishes Fourth Place at WSOP

Sylvain Loosli is a 26 year old French poker player who focuses on online cash games up to $25/50 on online poker sites like Winamax and Pokerstars. He is an online poker millionaire. His few live tournaments wins are $3,198 at the European Poker Tour at Deauville and $ 80,966 at the Dublin Winamax Poker Open. His latest live tournament has brought him much more – $ 2,792,533 to be exact. He finished fourth in the latest WSOP.

Loosli’s been playing poker since 2006  but only been a pro for the last couple of years. He’s a native of Toulon but lived in London for the past 2 years. His roommates in London are poker pros, Guillaume de la Gorce  and PokerStars pro Bertrand  Grospellier.

He is the first French player to make the Main Event final table since Antoine Saout in 2009. Saout played well at the final table before eventually falling in third place. Loosli  hoped to improve on that finish and become the first French world champion. Loosli took 19,600,000 to the Main Event final table, which put him in sixth place.

WSOP Results for Sylvain Loosli. He was eliminated in fourth place after going all in with a queen of hearts and seven of clubs. But he still takes home nearly $3,000,000. Not bad!

The WSOP Final Table Overview

Today is the WSOP Final Table, the culmination of a poker tournament that started in May. Up for grabs is over $8,000,000. But everyone is a winner with even the ninth place finisher collecting over $700,000. It’s amazing that one night could be so valuable. The players are on point to win and have been from the start. Let’s look at some of the players since you will probably see more of them. Most are experienced poker pros.

Players in the Final Table

JC Tran – The chip leader is the most awarded player at this final table. He  was one of poker’s beacons during the recent boom , but turned and centered his goals around home. Instead of being a constant poker tour player, spending much of the year on the road, Tran elected to stay  closer to his wife and son and has played only a few major poker tournaments over the past couple of years. He’s a  two-time WSOP bracelet winner, World Championship of Online Poker champion and WPT champion is in command of this final table.

Amir Lehavot – He followed his interest in poker in 2007 and found a passion in online poker. He’s a previous WSOP bracelet winner.He’s an engineer by trade.

Marc-Etienne McLaughlin –  His history speaks for itself with three top 86 finishes in the WSOP since 2009. His friend is Jonathan Duhamel.

Jay Farber – a nightclub promoter, he has always had a drive for poker and finally was able to explore that and play in the main event this year. He’s one of the least experienced players but history has way of making winners when there were none.

Ryan Riess – At 23 , he’s the youngest player in the Final Table and hails from Michigan..He was  dealer in a casino and is now a player. I wonder if nights observing others play has paid off.

Sylvain Loosli – A Frenchman, he is also one of the least experienced players. Let’s if his streak continues.

Michiel Brummelhuis – He has a background in poker is great with focus on cash games and tourneys. He’s well known in Europe. He’s from Holland.

Mark Newhouse – It’s hard to stay on top of the poker world. He rose to the top of tournament play in 2006 but things changed like a bad beat.He’s a winner anyway even if he loses in ninth place , he’ll still pocket over $700,000.

David Benefield – Off to an impressive start in the poker world, Benefield built up a huge bankroll and then went back to college for Asian Studies at Ivy League Columbia. Asian studies lead him to Macau and back to the poker world . He’s had an incredible year. Will he keep it up.

Let the game begin!