WSOP Update Day One Eliminations – Joe McKeehen Prevails

People were looking for a David vs Goliath setting for the WSOP, they didn’t get that last night. Joe McKeehen continues his poker juggernaut increasing his lead over the table.
Patrick Chan was first out after two hands. McKeehen’s Ace and Four held up over Chan’s King and Queen for the win. Chan makes $1,001,000 for his efforts. Not to bad. Next to go was Federico Butteroni.
Federico didn’t reraise often. He waited patiently for nice hands but didn’t find any. He had some chip gains with an all-in with a Queen and nine. It bumped up his stack but not enough when coming up against McKeehen. McKeehen scored with an Ace King high hand over Ace high held by Butteroni. The Italian took home $1,097,000. and finally Pierre Neuville.
His chances were dashed with a straight against a flush from Tom Cannuli. Neuville with in with two Queens and raised. While Cannuli called with King and nine of hearts. The flop was Ace hearts , Jack diamonds and Ten of hearts. The turn was a 4 of hearts and Cannuli had it shut down. But later on against Mckeehen, Neuville lost with McKeehen getting a flush against an Ace high card . He goes back to Belgium with $1,203,000.
For the losers , they are really winners. They beat field of over 6000 players to go home with at least a million dollars. For day two, McKeehen has almost half of tables’ chips . This puts him in a formidable position. The action starts at 8pm est on ESPN.