The Hendon Mob

Back in the early nineties brothers Ross and Barny Boatman played in a home game in Ross’s flat which was underneath Barny’s flat in Archway, North London. When that game broke up they started frequenting Joe Beevers’ game in nearby Hendon, befriending Joe, and the game’s other regular player, Ram Vaswani.

The four would often drive together to games and tournaments around the country. Perhaps it was the dark jackets and shades, or maybe a jokey reference to actor Ross’s on screen gangster roles, but everywhere they went people would say ‘here comes the Hendon Mob’. The name stuck. They are not a team. They play as hard against each other as they do against anyone in poker and are universally respected for their integrity and fair play. What they are though is a family. Like four inseparable brothers, they are always there to enjoy each other’s successes and support each other when times are hard. ‘That’ says Barny ‘is our greatest strength.’

In the nineties the European tournament scene was growing and the Mob traveled every where together winning money and tournaments in Paris, Helsinki, Vienna, Amsterdam, anywhere that poker was played. In 1999 Late Night Poker, the first ever televised poker tournament started its immensely popular run in Great Britain and The Hendon Mob were invited to take part. Already well known on the European poker circuit, the show brought The Mob to a wider audience and as poker grew in popularity they grew with it. Countless appearances on TV and radio as well as innumerable features in magazines and newspapers have made them household names all over Europe and beyond.

In August 2001 was launched by The Mob in response to the increasing interest both in them, and in the game in general. What started as a bit of fun with a few photos, tips and stories soon grew into something much bigger. is now Europe’s biggest poker portal. Tens of thousands follow the Mob’s diaries and read their poker tips; The site includes the world’s most comprehensive poker database, featuring ranking lists and details of just about every tournament, and every player in the game. If you’ve ever cashed in a poker tournament, from Atlantic City to Amsterdam, chances are your achievements are listed on the Mob Poker Database. No wonder it is used every day by everyone in the game.

Amongst poker’s greatest ambassadors, The Mob have helped to raise awareness of poker as a sport. Starting with the first ever ‘Poker Ashes’ in Melbourne Australia they have played team head’s up challenges against selected national teams from all over the world. They beat the Australians and went on to defeat the French and Irish in successive matches. In 2004 they put their unbeaten record on the line against Team USA in poker’s first ever Transatlantic Challenge, the Ryder Cup of poker. The US fielded a powerful team including Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson and Phil Ivy and in the event The Mob were not disgraced in coming a close second!

In recent years The Hendon Mob have been making a big impression in the USA, with notable successes in The World Series of Poker and elsewhere. The American public have started to get to know them through appearances on such shows as the Jimmy Kimmel show and Fox Sports live.

The Hendon Mob was bought by a European Poker Company. The terms weren’t disclosed. 
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